Why Buy ArcMan Arcade Machines?



At ArcMan we proudly operate a little differently to everyone else.  Not only do we hold stock, but we also allow our customer's to pre-order stock, which allows you to completely customize your brand new arcade machine, just the way you would like it  to be set up, giving it that completely personal touch.

We can help you customize - the artwork, the marquee, the control panel, the buttons, the joysticks, the size of the cabinet, , the gameboard, how many players, the size of the screen and whether or not you want a trackball.  You can even choose the style of the cabinet as well as customize your own favourite games  list.  Just let us know your ideas and we can tailor your machine specifically for you. 

All we need from you is a deposit (non-refundable) to confirm your order and we will do the rest.  Please note it may take up to 12 weeks for any customisation orders to be delivered.  We do not build customisation orders for overseas customers as we do not deliver outside of Australia.

Our Many Points of Difference

  • ArcMan Arcade Machines are the most authentic arcade cabinets available in the market.
  •  All of our machines are 100% brand new with all brand new genuine parts.  
  • All of our machines come with original premium Sanwa Bat Top Joysticks and American style push buttons as standard.   This is the number 1 reason our customers invest in an ArcMan arcade machine.
  • Our Joysticks and buttons are of the highest quality, providing the tightest of controls and responsiveness,  you can truly feel the difference when playing our machines.
  • All of our new machines include an SSD drive upgrade free of charge. 
  • An SSD drive based machine equals a much faster machine in terms of boot time and a 4 times more reliable arcade machine overall.
  • Premium quality finish in the artwork and the entire cabinet work, our machines look amazing and are quality built throughout.
  • All of our Upright Arcade machines, come with a Light Up Marquee as standard which adds to the truly authentic look and feel.  (optional extra on Lowboy machines)
  • Our machines are all built using high quality thick MDF Wood.  
  • All of the materials are bolted together and not clipped in place. 
  • Our machines all come standard with purpose built LCD HD gaming machine screens which are machine fitted at factory delivering the highest quality arcade visuals.
  • All of our machines come with Free Play or Coin Operated as a standard feature.  (coin mechanic optional extra on Lowboy machines)
  • Customization - we can help you customize your machine exactly the way you want it.
  • The menu system is purpose built to be very easy to use. Just scroll down to view one game at a time, or scroll left or right to page up or down quickly to get to your game of choice much faster.
  • The menu system also has a "Genre" feature allowing you to easily access your favourite arcade gaming category.
  • The games play exactly as they did in the original arcades, right down to the very detail.
  • All of the games are fully playable and are pre-configured to work straight away, no tampering or tweaking required. 
  • All machines have been vigorously tested at factory to ensure a high quality product.
  • Our Cocktail tables all use 6mm thick premium glass.
  • Our Virtual Pinball Machines all use genuine premium stainless steel.
  • All of our machines are built to last, giving you a great return on your investment.
  • The combination of all of the above, means a premium high quality product across all of our individually hand picked machines.

Easy Plug and Play

Every ArcMan arcade machine is a plug and play machine.  Once you open up the box, plug the power cord into the wall, you then just need to turn it on and the machine will be ready to play.   Please note with our 32" models you will need to attach the control panel using the 4 x screws that come with the machine.

Quality in the manufacturing process

Our machines (excluding Lowboy machines as they are assembled in Australia) are all manufactured in a high quality, sophisticated manufacturing plant facility, that builds thousands and thousands of arcade machines annually.  We have selected the very best of suppliers, with stringent quality control processes and manufacturing techniques, using high end machinery and equipment.  They have been in the business of making these machines for over 15 years. This means your arcade machine is built under a consistent and perfected manufacturing formula and why we offer a 24 Month On-Site Warranty on all our machines!

24 Months On-Site Warranty - (Excludes Lowboy machines)

We offer Australia's best and most comprehensive 24 month On-Site arcade machine warranty.  We back the quality of all of our machines, which means peace of mind for all of our customers.   Please note our on-site warranty covers your machine in Australia only.

Free Delivery Australia Wide - (Excludes Lowboy machines)

We deliver all over Australia absolutely Free of charge, which represents a huge saving for all of our customers.  Please note, we do not ship anywhere outside of Australia.

Try before you buy


Test your skills with our display models

At ArcMan we believe our arcade machines are the very best quality and provide the most accurate and responsive controls in the market.

We encourage all of our customers to try our machines before they buy, to ensure that you are 100% satisfied with the quality of our machines before you commit to the purchase.

We have a display room in Sydney and also in Brisbane.  If you would like to test our machines then please click on the "MAKE AN APPOINTMENT" button below and we will arrange a suitable time for you to try out one of our machines.

Gameplay video